Giving Back to Society/ 给社会做贡献

An earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.8 struck Nepal near the capital of Kathmandu on April 25th. Thousands of people have died across the region, including in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, and many more were injured.

4月25号2015年, 在尼泊尔的首都加德满都发生了一场7.8级的地震。几千人不幸的丢掉了他们的信命,还有更多的人们受伤。

We live in an increasingly globalized world, and as global citizens a plan was constructed by Ontario Ginseng Farm. We have been donating $1 to the International Medical Corps for every $10 in sales in support of their relief efforts. We have generated about $100 so far. This could not happen without all of your support! Thank you! Lets take a moment to wish the best to all of those who were affected by this devastating event.

我 们生活在一个越来越全球化的社会里,我们都是全球的人民。安大略西洋参农场在这次事故后计划着捐钱给International Medical Corps (国际医疗团)。我们每销售$10加元捐出了$1加元。现在我们捐了$100加元。 如果没有你们的支持这是不会发生的!谢谢你们!现在让我们给那些被这场不幸事件所影响的人们我们最真诚的祝愿。

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