Anuschka hand painted leather bag-手绘牛皮包551FFY

Anuschka 是创建于北美的一款新型手绘牛皮包,它以印第安人传统文化为底蕴,配以原始现代风设计,选用上等牛皮及配件特制而成;它独特的造型和纯高的质量深受时尚,爱美女士的青睐;自上市以来,短短几年时间迅速红遍北美市场,近年来又急速扩展到亚洲大地。Anuschka--时尚女士的必备!

Anuschka is a new hand-painted leather bag created in
North America. It is based on the traditional Indian culture
and is designed with the original modern style. It is made of
fine leather and accessories. Its unique shape and high
quality are deeply affected. It's Fashion lady's favorite.
since its listing, it has quickly spread to the North American
market in just a few years, and has rapidly expanded to the
Asian continent in recent years. Anuschka - a must-have for
fashion ladies!

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