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Found only in salty waters, sea cucumbers are sausage-shaped animals with a warty and leathery skin. They are widely used as food and folk medicine in many cultures in the Middle East and Asia. Sea cucumbers, though flavorless, readily absorb the flavors of seasonings and foods they are cooked with. These animals have several notable benefits, even cancer prevention.


  • cancer prevention potential
  • anticoagulant activity
  • anti-inflammatory activity
  • wound healing
  • easing joint pain
  • improving gum disease
  • high protein













  • 凉拌海参: 发好的海参切粗丝,加入酱油,糖,胡椒粉,香油,葱丝等。凉拌海参可以最大限度的保留海参的营养 成分,也是夏季可口的凉菜。


  • 红烧海参: 将发好的海参切块,用少许油加入葱,姜爆锅。倒入切好的海参,翻炒片刻,加入少许水,酱油,糖,蚝油,此时可随意加入胡萝卜片,笋片等,小火炖10-15分钟,用水淀粉勾芡,加入胡椒粉,香油起锅。红烧海参味道浓郁,咸中带甜,海参软糯,老少皆宜。

Cancer Prevention Potential

Eating sea cucumber may help prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells. This is because sea cucumbers contain high amounts of compounds known as triterpene glycosides, which have antitumor activity. According to a study by Chinese scientists published in August 2005 in “Cancer Biology & Therapy,” sea cucumbers also contain a compound known as philinopside E, or PE. PE inhibits the formation of blood vessels that supply nutrients to tumors. This suppresses the growth and proliferation of such tumors in your body.

Anticoagulant Activity

Blood clotting helps prevent excessive bleeding when you are injured. However, clots can also form inside your blood vessels even when you have no obvious physical injury. This can lead to potentially fatal conditions such as pulmonary embolism - - where the blood clots accumulate in lungs - - and restrict the flow of blood. Sea cucumbers contain a compound known as chondroitin sulfate. A study by Brazilian scientists published in September 1996 in the “Journal of Biological Chemistry” found that chondroitin sulfate has anticoagulant activity.

Anti-Inflammatory Activity

Sea cucumbers have potent anti-inflammatory effects, which may help alleviate pain in patients with conditions such as arthritis. A study by Malaysian scientists that was published in October 2011 in “Marine Drugs” found that sea cucumber supplements reduced inflammation in both male and female rats. This sea animal contains compounds such as mucopolysaccharides, chondroitin and glucosamine, which can help relieve arthritis disorders. Such compounds help in the regulation of the balance of certain lipids known as prostaglandins. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis usually have high concentrations of certain prostaglandins, according to a study published in 2008 in the “American College of Rheumatology.”

Wound Healing

Eating sea cucumber or its extracts may have therapeutic effects such as speeding up wound healing. It does so by facilitating the formation of new tissues within a short time -- a property that is believed to stem from the ability of a sea cucumber to regenerate its own body tissues quickly when it is injured. According to the October 2011 "Marine Drugs" study, this is believed to be facilitated by certain fatty acids, such as arachidonic acid, present in sea cucumber.

Easing Joint Pain

Sea cucumber is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a number of health problems, including fatigue, impotence and joint pain. Sea cucumber contains high levels of chondroitin sulfate, a major component of cartilage. The loss of chondroitin sulfate is associated with arthritis and taking sea cucumber extract may help to reduce the joint pain associated with this condition, according to an article by H. Benedikt, D.C., in "Dynamic Chiropractic." Sea cucumber also contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

Improving Gum Disease

Though the study was preliminary, a toothpaste made with sea cucumber extract was shown to improve healing in patients who had undergone treatment for gum disease. The toothpaste was formulated to take advantage of the sea cucumber's wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which have been recognized both in traditional healing modalities and by modern researchers. The study, reported in the "Journal of Oral Science", involved 28 volunteers who either brushed their teeth with sea cucumber toothpaste or with a toothpaste that was identical except for the extract. By the end of the three-month trial, patients who had gotten the sea cucumber toothpaste who used the sea cucumber toothpaste experienced a significant in bleeding, swelling and the depth of periodontal pockets when compared to the control group.

High Protein

Although sea cucumbers may be an unusual food, they can provide a valuable protein boost for those who need it. According to Subhuti Dharmananda, Director of the Institute for Traditional Medicine in Portland, Oregon, sea cucumbers are higher in protein than almost any other food. The Harvard School of Public Health states that people in the United States might reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by boosting their intake of protein, especially if the protein replaces refined carbohydrates in your diet.


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