Nutriland-Multi Vitamin Gummy 多维小熊糖

NUTRILAND-GUMMY BEARS is a complex nutritional supplement
that is rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential
for children's healthy growth. 1, it has the effect of improving children's immunity,
promoting height growth, strengthening bones,
improving skin moisture and promoting hair growth.  2, its wonderful taste and beautiful color are taken from
the natural plant fruit, extracted from pure fruit,
taste like eating sugar, more popular with children. 3, it does not add any artificial color, spices,
preservatives, wheat, milk, eggs or soy sauce and
other sensitizing ingredients, you can rest assured
that children can eat 4, three flavors: strawberries, oranges, lemons. How to take: 2-3 years old, one capsule a day;
4 years old and above, two capsules a day. ** Parents need to instruct children to chew
each gummy bear sugar, do not swallow directly

NUTRILAND-GUMMY BEARS复合维生素+矿物质,是一种复合营养补充剂——富含儿童健康成长所不可或缺的各种维生素与矿物质




4 三种口味:草莓,橙子,柠檬。




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